Facade Access Holdings are the undisputed global leaders in permanent facade access solutions with around $150M in revenue, 600+ staff and over 10,000 systems installed during the last 50 years.

Facade Access Holdings (FAIH) are the undisputed leaders of Facade Access Systems. The company owns both the Manntech and CoxGomyl brands, which operate indeoendent and cover all aspects of facade access systems. Typically this building access equipment is used to provide maintenance services to complex and tall structures such as window pane replacement and cleaning.

An end to end provider of facade access systems, the group has over 50 years of expertise in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of facade access equipment worldwide.

About CoxGomyl

With advances in construction materials, engineering practices and architectural designs, today’s buildings are challenging convention on a daily basis.

CoxGomyl are a global engineering company meeting this challenge head on with a passion for defending the beauty and value of architectural wonders by providing external facade access systems. Typically this building maintenance equipment is used to provide the means of being able to maintain the facade of tall and complex buildings for maintenance purposes, which includes cleaning and replacing panels and windows.

To learn more visit www.coxgomyl.com 

About Manntech

Manntech offers a complete range of products for building maintenance systems for the world’s tallest buildings.

With 170 staff across Germany, the Netherlands, UAE, USA and Hong Kong, the group employs skilled engineers to design and manufacture the highest quality and most technically advanced systems available, covering the entire range of facade access equipment.

The companies façade access systems are developed in accordance with clients’ needs and requirements including, but not limited to, building geometry and height, structural requirements, facade stabilisation, roof access (or lack thereof), local codes and standards, installation logistics, long term maintenance considerations (for both the building and the building maintenance system) and cost.

To learn more visit www.manntech.de


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